RIC Comp 2014Rhode Island College Ballroom Dance originated in the 1970’s; since then the club has grown into one of the most prominent groups on campus.  We offer lessons, which are free to Rhode Island College students, in both the American and International styles. We host multiple dances throughout the year where local colleges and members of the general public will join us for a night of social dancing.  We also hold an annual showcase where our members get to show off what they have learned throughout the year in a dance routine that they choreograph. Our team is also highly active in collegiate competitions.  We compete in both American and International styles at competitions held by colleges all around New England; from Harvard to Yale. We have seen world champions perform and have also had the privilege of taking lessons with professionals such as Jose Decamps, Larinda McGovern, Travis and Jamie Tuft, Tony Dovolani, and Ilya & Amanda Reyzin.

But the team also focuses on more than just dancing; we focus on community.  Our members help each other to learn and improve, and they meet and socialize with other students around Rhode Island and across New England.  Our team is about having fun and learning to dance along the way.  Remember, it’s so much more than just the waltz!