Executive Board


Julianna Collazo is a junior majoring in nursing. She has been dancing for three years now at the bronze level. Her favorite dances are jive, east coast swing, and samba. Her favorite things to do when shes not dancing are wasting money at target, watching tv, or eating!


Ariana ebaord

Vice President:

Ariana Dickie is a junior at Rhode Island College majoring in Math Education, specializing in grades 6 through 12. She has been dancing for almost two years and competes at the bronze level. Ariana’s favorite dance is East Coast Swing. When she is not dancing or daydreaming about dancing, she can be found tutoring at the Math Learning Center, practicing American Sign Language, or playing KenKen and Sporcle with her friends.

Emily EBoard Picture


Emily West is a Sophomore majoring in Elementary & Special Education.  This is her second year dancing and loves to Rumba and East Coast Swing.  When she isn’t at dance she is probably at target, with her dog or somewhere obsessing over Harry Styles.

derrick eboard


Derrick is a sophomore double majoring in biochemistry and molecular biology. He started dancing ballroom last February and caught on pretty quick. He enjoys cha cha bolero and tango the most, but tries his best in any dance he does. When he isn’t dancing, Derrick is either going over music for chorus, playing video games or sleeping in the Nazarian Center.


Web Master:

Lillian is a sophomore music education voice major with a minor in theatre and dance. This is her second year dancing ballroom and her favorite dances are samba, tango and country two step. When she’s not at ballroom, she can be found studying other types of dance, rehearsing for choir and opera, working or napping in the Naz, or watching Netflix and eating food with her friends in the dorms.

Sam eboard

Competition Coordinator:

Samantha Fagan is a junior majoring in Elementary Education. She has been dancing for three years. When she isn’t dancing, she’s working, watching Netflix, or driving her parents crazy.

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