Executive Board



Noah Carsten is a Senior majoring in communications with a focus in public relations and advertising. He has been dancing for 3 years now and never plans on stopping! He competes in latin and standard at the silver level and smooth and rhythm at the gold level. He really enjoys social dancing more than anything and also competes in the country western circuit of ballroom as well. If he’s not dancing (which is rare) he is working hard or hanging out with friends.


Vice President:

Christine Thompson is a Senior majoring in Early Childhood Education. She has been dancing for three years now and is a gold level dancer in rhythm and silver in smooth and latin. Her favorite dances are East Coast Swing and Cha Cha. In her spare time she loves singing, eating chocolate and being outside.


Julianna Collazo is a sophomore majoring in nursing. She has been dancing for two years now at the bronze level. Her favorite dances are jive, east coast swing, and samba. Her favorite things to do when shes not dancing are wasting money at target, watching tv, or eating! 😊



Katelyn Burchill is a sophomore Spanish Education major. This is her 2nd year dancing (bronze). The dance she likes the best is cha cha. She also loves learning about foreign languages and culture and is always studying to learn more. If you are ever looking for her odds are she is in the modern language department at school.


Web Master:

Gretchen Hanson (team Grandma) is a Super Senior in Nursing. She has been dancing for 7 years and loves to rumba. She enjoys petting cats , reading fan fiction and watching titanic documentaries. She is also a donut connoisseur and likes to yell at people. :)


Competition Coordinator:

Samantha Fagan (AKA Mom) is a sophomore majoring in Elementary Education. She has been dancing for two years. When she isn’t dancing, she’s working, watching Netflix, or driving her parents crazy.

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