Rules & Regulations

Important: Every competitor must fill out an assumption of risk waiver for this competition.  A team’s entry and participation in the competition will be prevented until every waiver has been collected by the competition organizers. The waiver may be found here and returned the day of the competition.

Levels and Restrictions

    • Newcomer Level
      • Newcomers are defined as those who started dancing after August 2015 (dancing is defined as lessons and/or competitions)
      • Newcomer couples are restricted to Pre-Bronze syllabus for International style and Bronze syllabus for American style.


    • Pointing Out & Timing Out
      • Newcomer and Bronze competitors must compete on a point out or time out basis; whichever comes first.
        • For Example:
          • If a competitor has been dancing at the Newcomer level for more than one year, they must dance at the Bronze level. 
          • As such, the Bronze level is limited to those couples that started dancing no earlier than August 2014. If a competitor has more than one year of experience at the bronze level, they will be required to dance silver. This applies per style.
          • Competitors who have accumulated the required amount of points, as specified by the YCN/NECN point systems, will be required to dance at their point appropriate level, regardless of their time at their current level.
      • All couples dancing in Silver or Gold events must dance at their level as determined by the YCN/NECN point systems.  There are no time restrictions for these levels.


    • Level Registration
      • A competitor may only dance at one level in each style (styles are Standard, Smooth, Rhythm, and Latin). Double registration is expressly NOT ALLOWED.
        • Exceptions:
          • If a specific dance is not offered at your level, you may dance up one level for the specific dance.
            • Example: A couple that dances Bronze American Rhythm but also wishes to dance Mambo may compete in Silver Mambo because Mambo is not offered at the Bronze level.
          • Gold couples are allowed to dance Open as well.
      • A competitor may dance at two adjacent levels in two different styles. A competitor may span a total of only two levels across all styles.
        • For Example:
          • A couple is allowed to dance Bronze Smooth and Standard but Silver Rhythm and Latin
          • A couple may NOT dance both Open Latin and Bronze Smooth.
      • A competitor may dance at two adjacent levels in two different roles.
        • For Example:
          • A dancer may follow in Silver Smooth and lead in Bronze Rhythm.
          • A dancer may NOT follow in Silver Smooth and lead in Bronze Smooth. (This would be double registering, which is NOT ALLOWED.)
      • Partners at different levels dancing together must dance at the level of the more experienced partner.
      • Dancing down a level is expressly NOT ALLOWED.
      • If you have questions about the levels at which you may dance, please contact the Executive Board at


  • Eligibility Enforcement
    • If competitors have concerns about the level at which another dancer or couple is registered to compete please email the Executive Board at  We welcome all feedback from competitors and will research all issues brought to our attention.


  • The syllabus for International style will be the ISTD syllabus
  • The syllabi recognized for American style events will be any major recognized syllabi including: NDCA, USISTD, DVIDA, FADS and AM
  • Continuity or open footwork is expressly NOT ALLOWED in Newcomer and Bronze events.


  • Costumes will be allowed at all levels including Newcomer
  • Competitors should dress tastefully and appropriately for the events in which they are competing.
    • All male leaders must be dressed in leader appropriate clothing for all events. This includes dress pants for all events and a tie for Smooth and Standard.  Female leads are allowed to wear a dress/skirt or attire specified for male leads.  No jeans are allowed.
    • All followers must all be dressed in follower appropriate clothing (no pants). This rule will be strictly enforced!
  • Shoes: It is MANDITORY that all competitors wear appropriate dance shoes on the dance floor.
    • Males without dance shoes may wear dress shoes.  No sneakers allowed!
    • Ladies without heels may wear flats.  Ladies with heels must wear heel caps, which will be available for purchase at the competition.  Anyone without heel caps will not be allowed to compete.


  • The organizers have the right to eject anyone from the premises for unruly conduct.  Flagrant disregard of any of the rules or regulations will result in a mark down of placement or in a disqualification where necessary.


  • There are several options available for food in the vicinity of the competition.  Competitors may bring their own food and beverages to the competition provided their area is kept clean.


  • Rhode Island College, The Rhode Island College Ballroom Dance Team, and Rhodes on the Pawtuxet are not liable for any property lost or damaged and injury or other misfortune that occurs during the competition.

Video & Photography

  • All forms of video and photography are permitted

If there are any questions regarding any of the rules or other aspects of our competition, please e-mail the Executive Board at